5 Smart Ways to Wear a Hoodie


If you are under the impression that men’s hoodies or hooded sweatshirts are nothing more than a casual sweater with some print design on it, think it again!

People around the world love wearing hoodies. With designers and stylists giving their own twists to this kind of clothing, hoodies have become the most preferred garment to wear. No matter if you are wearing hoodies for the workout or just staying at home, hoodies keep you warm and comfortable.

Hooded sweatshirts are versatile, multi-functional and meant to boost style statements, no matter when or where you wear them. The key is to wear a hoodie in the right way! Let’s check out the top five stylish ways to wear a hoodie:

Portray your persona in the best way



Design is one crucial aspect which is worth considering when wearing a hoodie. To flaunt your smartness, hoodies come in different styles such as zip up, pull over designs and even baggy collections. Make sure the design you choose to go with should match your personality. 

If you want to wear something that can be taken off easily, go with the zip-ups. 

Prefer warm stuff for winters

If you want to make your winters go warm and stylish, tall hoodies are a trending option. 

Cardigan-hoodie combo also looks great. Wearing a hoodie under a blazer is a smart choice too. Just make sure the hoodies should not be too bulky that blow up the whole outfit.

Get funky fresh appeal

If you like to experiment, go for some bright and peppy coloured hoodies. 

Mix and match your hooded sweatshirts with both bright coloured as well as neutral coloured clothing. Further, hoodies can also be used for layering with a simple pair of jeans or chinos to go creative without neglecting style.

Black and white hoodie never go out of style

No matter what time of year, monochrome is one of the stylish looks to wear. Go with the checkered patterns hot with new contemporary styles for a casual chic appearance. Wearing a black or white hoodie is always a great idea - these are forever classic and a perfect choice for anyone, no matter what the occasion.

Make it a style statement

From floral to abstract prints to solid colours, hoodies will always come to your rescue for every occasion. However, to make it a part of your style statement, spare some time into choosing the best. To create a fine balance between a smart edge and casualness, try a light colour hiking boots to get a look that speaks volumes without trying at all.

While pairing your hoodies with a long coat, jacket or cardigan, make sure its length is not more than the jacket or coat. To wear your hoodies in summer, you must confirm the material is soft for maximum comfort. Choosing the soft, light and warm fabric will make you feel so relaxed with this comfy garment!

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